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COVID-19 Pandemic Research Center (CPRC)

Working to reduce the burden of COVID-19
through a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to research, data and community.
Serving the scientific community
Our Survey Research Group and Data Science Initiative provide services such as:
  • Descriptive epidemiology and disease modeling, including identification of disparities
  • Identifying risk factors for infection, disease severity and worse outcomes
  • Identifying the impacts of health policies and other relevant policies
  • Developing and testing prevention approaches to improve protective behaviors
Working with community leaders
We’re partnering with service providers, policymakers, community leaders and other stakeholders in diverse communities to form a Community Advisory Board on emerging issues, research and outreach needs so that we can help by determining and facilitating impactful strategies and effective interventions.
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New COVID-19 Study is Now Recruiting USC Staff, Employees, and Students!


Study examines testing impacts

Coronavirus transmissions led to school closures in Los Angeles County and across the country. Now a new study finds that administrators, teachers, parents and students support in-school testing.

Trojan Pandemic Response Initiative (TPRI)

The Trojan Pandemic Research Initiative (TPRI) is a study that will follow 8,000 USC students, employees and faculty over a year to better understand attitudes and behaviors related to COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines. Even though vaccines are becoming more readily available, there is a lot of important information that we still don’t know… for instance, how do people decide if they’re going to get vaccinated or not? How do their habits change after getting vaccinated? How long does immunity last after vaccination? TPRI will help answer these questions and more. TPRI is led by USC researchers and our goals are to help the university’s effort to minimize infections and to create shareable data with USC’s research community. You are eligible to enroll in TPRI if you are a USC student, employee or faculty member and you are 18 years or older. We want to hear from you whether you’ve been vaccinated or not. If you agree to participate in the study, you’ll be asked to periodically complete online surveys. You may also be asked to share biological samples—this part is completely optional. Participants will receive a $10 e-gift card for completing a brief survey and up to $150 in e-gift cards depending on the extent of their participation. If you are a USC student, employee or faculty member, we want to hear from you. Please consider joining the Trojan Pandemic Research Initiative.